List of Vegetarian Chocolate Bars by Happy Sweets

Vegetarian Chocolate

Is it possible for chocolate to be vegetarian? It's possible! Chocolate begins as a Vegetarian because it comes from a plant called the cocoa tree in its most basic form. Sugar, cocoa butter, and sometimes vanilla is added to make it the sweet delight you know and love. Naturally, many of the chocolates in the market contain additions such as milk, milk solids, or butter, rendering them non-vegetarian. Thankfully, some of the best chocolates on the market are free of chemicals. At Happy Sweets, we've compiled a list of our favourite vegetarian chocolate bars.

Whether you're looking for a delicious chocolate snack to take with you on your next vacation or something to satiate your sweet tooth, our vegetarian chocolate list has you covered.

Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate Chocolove

Try our Dark Chocolate Vegetarian Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt. This delectable Vegetarian chocolate is not only packed with almonds and sea salt, but it's also non-GMO and created with fair trade principles. Every Chocolove wrapper includes a charming love poem as a bonus!

Dark Chocolate from Newman's Organics

You'll forget everything about your dairy-filled favourites after one mouthful of this delicious, ultra-dark Vegetarian chocolate. Because of the lengthy conching process, it tastes richer and smoother than other chocolates. You won't run out of it very soon because it comes in a 12-pack. These are the most popular vegetarian candy brands.

Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch by Equal Exchange

Happy Sweets has this Vegetarian chocolate bar from Equal Exchange, which is fair trade certified if mint chocolate is your thing. It combines rich dark chocolate with a faint mint crunch for an out-of-this-world texture and flavour combination. This bar is soy-free, so it's safe to eat even if you're allergic to soy. With the help of our favourite Vegetarian ice cream brands, you can also find plant-based mint chip ice cream.

Ritter Sport Marzipan Dark Chocolate

Feel extra posh with a speciality from Germany. This dark Vegetarian chocolate is a delicacy that feels simply decadent, filled with marzipan composed of a mixture of sweet Californian almonds and bitter Mediterranean almonds.

Chocolate Bars with Raspberry Jelly and Cashew Butter from Hu

This upgraded version of a traditional flavour combination combines rich raspberry jelly, sweet cashew butter, and silky dark chocolate. He makes all of the company's chocolates vegetarian and paleo-friendly, with no processed sugars, sugar alcohols, or soy lecithin, so you know exactly what you're receiving.

Dark Chocolate Bar with Raaka Bananas Foster

Is it possible to recreate the delicious flavour of bananas Foster in a chocolate bar? Yes, Raaka says you can! Vegetarian chocolate bars created with rum-steamed Peruvian cacao, caramelized sugar, bananas, and vanilla bean come in a three-pack. This Vegetarian apple pie recipe will also appeal to fruit enthusiasts.

Dark Blackout Alter Eco Chocolate Bar

This ultra-dark, 85 per cent cocoa chocolate bar will entice serious chocolate connoisseurs. Its deep, rich flavour is delicious on its own or as part of a sweet dessert for a flavour contrast. It's also a treat you can feel good about eating because it's 100 per cent organic, non-GMO certified, and created with carbon-neutral processes. 

Don't miss out on our famous vegetarian chocolates from Happy Sweets; the country is getting crazy about it!