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Happy Sweets has some good news for all you chocolate-loving vegans out there: chocolate can be vegan. Cacao beans are harvested from cacao trees and used to make chocolate. This means that chocolate is a plant-based product by definition. When you consider the process of producing chocolate and the different ingredients that are often used to make the finished product, such as milk, determining whether or not chocolate is vegan becomes a little more complicated. Happy Sweets is delighted to give you the best vegan chocolate in Ireland.

Vegan chocolate is defined as chocolate made outwardly with the use of animal components. If you're a chocolate specialist looking for vegan chocolate, the first thing you can do is look at the ingredient list. Look for chocolate bars that have a small number of ingredients. The fewer elements in the delightful vegan chocolate bar you've been eyeing, the simpler it is.

Vegans should consider high-quality vegan hot chocolate or chocolate mousse. Watch for chocolate that holds a cacao content of 50% or higher. The more leading the cacao rate, the more chocolate there is. Don't you like super-dark chocolate? Chocolate with almonds, dried fruit, or mint is also vegan-friendly so that vegans can enjoy it. Caramel, peanut butter, truffle, or toffee-filled chocolates should be avoided unless they are specifically marked as vegan.

Veganism comes in a variety of degrees and sizes, much like any other diet. Chocolate that one vegan considers to be a good choice might not be suitable for another vegan. For example, whether foods containing honey and refined sugar are considered animal byproducts is a point of contention among vegans. As a result, some vegans avoid products that contain these ingredients. Veganism comes in many forms, and each vegan has their diet and way of life. Find a diet that works for you, whether for environmental, nutritional, or ethical reasons.

I'm Looking for Vegan Chocolate, but I don't Know Where to Find it.

If you're a vegan or preparing to become one, Happy Sweets has a wide selection of delicious vegan chocolate and vegan gift choices. Chocolate gift baskets, vegan hot chocolate mixes, and vegan-friendly gourmet baking chocolate are all available! Check out our extensive collection of holiday chocolates for some delectable vegan treats this season! You can shop online, stop by one of our happy Sweets locations, or look for us in a store near you.

Only the highest-quality ingredients are used at Happy Sweets. We also believe in being open and honest about the production of our gourmet specialty chocolates and truffles. The cocoa piece, sugar, cocoa butter, and flavoring are used to make our dark chocolate. Although our vegan dark chocolates do not contain dairy, they are made on the same equipment as our chocolates that contain milk ingredients. We use good manufacturing practices to reduce cross-contact, but we cannot guarantee that every product is completely free of milk.

We recommend that you read more about and our vegan chocolate choices to make the right choice for your lifestyle. If you have any more inquiries about our vegan chocolates, please contact our chocolate experts, and get the most delicious vegan chocolate in Ireland.