sugar-free dark chocolate chips

sugar-free dark chocolate chips

The sugar-free dark chocolate chips from Happy Sweets are made using high-quality ingredients. A cocoa-rich bite-sized island of flavor and texture, each delectable mouthful is a treat in and of itself. There's no doubt about it: these baking chips will make your taste senses happy whether they're snacked on straight out of the bag, melted into berries, or baked into keto cookies.

Same flavor, but in a different bag! Please remember that your packaging may change from the product image because we are transitioning to a new bag design.

Unique Ingredients With Low Carb

Each serving contains only 1 gram of net carbohydrate. For the cocoa connoisseur. Sugar-free desserts and baking are made possible using this product.

It is only sweetened with monk fruit, which is entirely natural and low in glycemic index.

Soluble corn fiber (non-GMO resistant Dextrin), sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are all ingredients in this dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter).

This is not a low-calorie meal. See the nutrition facts for details on calorie, sugar, and saturated fat amounts.

Information Regarding the Product. The reasons you should try us: We are convinced that you will enjoy the flavor of our chocolate.

Protection Against Melts

We will pack your items with ice and insulated bags at no additional charge during the warmer months. If your product comes melted, we will issue a complete refund to ensure that you can place your order with confidence. Easy to make, low carb, won't spike your blood sugar, inexpensive, and delicious.

Everything you can whip up in the kitchen will benefit from this baking chocolate! - The sugar-free chocolate baking chips from Happy Sweets are simple to incorporate into various dessert mixes and savory delights, no matter the occasion. Pour a handful into your morning pancake batter, toss them into your favorite brownie mix, or eat them straight from the bag! You can even use it to sweeten cake mixes, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods. Melt these delectable chocolate morsels gently in the microwave to drizzle over pretzels and fruit or to use as chocolate frosting. While you're at it, throw a few chips into your hot cocoa for good measure. The sugar-free chocolate baking chips from Happy Sweets will assist you in taking your baking endeavors to new sweet heights. These gluten-free baking chocolates include no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and are manufactured with natural ingredients. 

Make Your Holidays Unforgettable

You can use them in Christmas dishes at any time of year, and they also make great holiday gifts for friends and family members. After a long day of juggling tight schedules, there is nothing better than stepping into the kitchen, taking the eggs, milk, and chocolate powder, and getting lost in the process of creating a delicious treat. Fresh ingredients and a sense of accomplishment come from baking for friends and family. It allows us to express ourselves, develop our creativity, and be inspired.

Bakers prefer to spend their time in the kitchen creating something extraordinary in this modern world of convenience, where you can go out to the corner store and purchase a pre-made box of cupcakes at any time of year because there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting those whipped peaks just so, and nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked sugar-free dark chocolate chips by Happy Sweets baking in the oven to bring back childhood memories.