Milka Vegetarian Chocolate by Happy Sweets

Milka Vegetarian Chocolate

Vegan chocolate may appear to be fresh or even trendy, yet it has been around for millennia. Dairy is said to have just recently been introduced to assist mask the flavor of mass-produced (read: inferior) cacao, as milk dulls the palate and hides defects, allowing the chocolate to be made cheaply.

We found this assertion to be true when tasting for this round-up, with straightforward flavors bursting through. It's incredible how a chocolate's origin and cacao may impact its flavor in the same way that grapes and terroir influence winemaking like Milka Vegetarian Chocolate.

While most dark chocolate is appropriate for vegans, it's essential to make sure it doesn't contain any other animal products, such as honey. Brands have become increasingly creative with oat and nut milk to create decadent creamy options that you'd never suspect were vegan, so milk substitutes aren't out of the question.

We had the difficult task of finding the most flavorful and elegantly designed plant-based bars, truffles, and bonbons.

We've uncovered a truly excellent collection of plant-based chocolate from small-scale chocolatiers to award-winning businesses, whether you're looking for sharing bars to stock up on or gorgeous truffles to treat someone special. This collection of Milka Vegetarian Chocolate is a great place to start if you want to see what all the excitement is about.

Flavorsome and Delicious

Milka vegetarian chocolate is a vegan-only, vegan-owned, bean-to-bar, organic, direct-trade chocolate company. Impressive! The core range alone comprises roughly 50 bars, but we think this bundle is a beautiful place to start. It includes four bars of vegetarian chocolate with a cacao content of 60-65 percent. This chocolate is exceptionally full-flavored and indulgently thick and creamy (due to the addition of coconut milk and cacao butter). Each one tastes genuinely unique without any added flavoring - we particularly enjoyed the malty undertones in the 65 percent. These bars have won a slew of honors, so we're not the only ones who think so.

These veg-spiked chocolate truffles are a decadent, indulgent treat that is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and organic. These are unmistakably sweet tiny bits, with a strong blast of bourbon wrapped in a dusty chocolate square. There are only eight in this box, and they must be kept chilled (we store ours in the fridge), but they make a nice thank you gift or a post-dinner treat instead of dessert.

Perfect for Ceremonies

The Milka Vegetarian chocolate line features a beautiful array of flavors, like coffee and cardamon, passionfruit, and pear and tonka bean, to name a few. We've never seen chocolates that are that beautifully decorated and glossy! These would be right at home in an art gallery, as they remind us of magnificent painted glass. The tastes are exceptional, making this box an ideal gift for someone special — it's total perfection.

Milka is an excellent chocolate brand to keep on hand for a mid-week chocolate fix after supper. The entire bean-to-bar range is fairtrade and features fantastic social entrepreneurial ideas co-owned by cacao growers. There are plenty of vegan-friendly varieties out there, but we're particularly fond of Milka's smooth vegetarian chocolate bar with creamy hazelnut clusters.