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Happy Sweet carries a wide variety of jelly and gum treats. Cola Bottles, Cherries, and Fried Eggs are among our classic jelly sweets. Freaky Fish, Jelly Brains, and Blue Hearts are some of our more unusual gummy candies.

Jelly Sweets and Gum Sweets are manufactured with a variety of raw materials, including gelatine, sweeteners, flavourings, and colourings. Gummy sweets are one of the most versatile confectionary items ever created because this mixture can be moulded into almost any form. Jelly Sweets are usually brightly coloured and flavorful.

Happy Sweets' Sweetest Jellies

Jelly Teddy Bears, one of the most well-known Jelly Sweets, was initially known as dancing bears and liquorice-flavoured. Animal-shaped gum sweets seem to be extremely common, with jelly worms being one of the most popular in the United States.

Please contact us today if you'd like more details about our extensive range of gum sweets and jelly sweets or if you'd like to ask about ordering in larger quantities. Happy Sweets is your one-stop sweet shop for all your confectionery needs, with an immense range of jelly sweets and gum sweets.

Welcome to the best online Sweetshop, Happy Sweets. In this section, you'll find a wide variety of jelly and giant jelly sweets from the past and present. Treat your children, a friend, or that particular person, or simply indulge yourself. You'll find jelly sweets from only the best brands, including Bonds of London, Haribo, Barretts, Trebor Bassetts, Sharps, Pascals, Leaf, Tuckshop, and many more. If we sell it, we've tried it to ensure that only the highest-quality jelly sweets with the 'KIS' stamp of approval arrive at your door – trust me, our dentists aren't impressed.

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Whatever it is that your heart desires. There's enough for everyone here. We have a large selection that is constantly expanding as we find new high-quality suppliers. You should still expect to be spoiled for options. Look at our offerings to please your sweet tooth. Choose your personal favourites or try something new as a gift to hold someone good, for home, for work, or to brighten a boring trip. Whatever you choose, you'll get excellent quality and great value for money, just like a candy store should.

Jelly Sweets are organized into categories to make it as simple as possible to find your favourites. There is something for every budget and taste with Jelly sweets beginning at one pound. Each Sweet's portion size is indicated next to it. Our prices are among the most affordable on the market, and all of our sweets are of the highest quality. Browse the list, make your selections, check out, and relax while waiting for your treats to arrive.


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