Crumbled cookie and smooth Galaxy Vegan Chocolate

Galaxy Vegan Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the things we know vegans lack. So, when Galaxy announced that it would be releasing vegan chocolate in November, it was met with enthusiasm.

Mars, which makes Galaxy, did not launch one at the time. There aren't two. There are Three dairy-free flavours for vegans: caramelised hazelnut, caramel & sea salt, and smooth orange. Combine rich cocoa and crunchy caramel bits with smooth and creamy hazelnut paste for a delectable mix. Galaxy brings you a moment of vegan delight. Vegetarians and vegans will enjoy this dish. Two more flavours have now been added to the mix. And the Galaxy Vegan Chocolate can be found on Happy Sweets.

Rich cocoa and cookie bits are mixed with creamy hazelnut paste in this crumbled cookie flavour. The minty version is made with a mixture of rich cocoa and peppermint oil, as well as smooth and creamy almond paste. This is Instagram material that has been imported. You may be able to find the same content in a different format, or you might visit their website for more detail. The chocolate bars are packaged in a reusable sleeve made of card and compostable film.

Certified and delectable

The bars have all been Vegan Society accredited and will be available at Happy Sweets. In addition to being animal-friendly, the packaging is also environmentally friendly since it is made of compostable film packaging and wood fibre that can be composted at home. This is the first time Mars has introduced a commodity in Ireland.

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We're so happy to be adding these tasty treats to Galaxy's range using a vegan recipe that doesn't compromise the brand's signature smooth and creamy characteristics, says the company.

In Ireland, the vegan craze can't be avoided no matter where you go. We believe that by adding Galaxy, one of Ireland's most well-known brands, the category will have a tremendous opportunity to expand. The Galaxy Vegan Crumbled Cookie bar mixes rich cocoa and cookie bits with smooth hazelnut paste for a tasty dairy-free alternative to the Galaxy Cookie Crumble bar.

Hazelnut paste and rice syrup also replaced the dairy in the chocolate. Since the bars are manufactured in a factory that also handles milk, the label advises that they "may contain milk," implying that cross-contamination is a possibility that allergy sufferers should be aware of.

The bars are covered in recyclable foil and housed in a recyclable cardboard sleeve. Galaxy's first-ever non-dairy milk chocolate bars have been registered with our vegan trademark. The company has shown that dairy isn't needed to make delicious chocolate. People can still enjoy their favourites without harming animals, and Happy Sweet will provide the best of Galaxy Vegan Chocolate.