Best American Sweet Hamper for Your Loved Ones

American Sweet Hamper

American Sweet Hampers (or American Candy Hampers, known in the United States) are the ideal sweet Hamper substitute! Happy Sweets is delighted to present a fantastic range of fantastic American candy hampers featuring only American candy and foods. We decided to make it possible for our customers to order sweets from our award-winning American sweet shop from the comfort of their own homes.


Our American Sweet hampers were among the first to arrive in Ireland, and their popularity has only grown since then! We've carefully selected and packed some of your favourite American items into a wicker hamper basket, on a bed of shredded melanistic paper, and covered and sealed in clear or themed cellophane. Our American Sweet hampers are handcrafted with care and include some of the country's most common products. Our Happy Sweet American Sweet hampers have become well-known in Ireland.

Authentic and Homemade

Many of the products in our American sweet hampers are authentic and imported from the United States. Our customers deserve the best confectionery available, and these hampers were explicitly created for candy lovers in the United States! We also offer assorted hampers, which are ideal for sweets lovers in general or those who want to try American Sweets for the first time.


It's a mixture of factors. American candy will serve as a beautiful reminder of America's best holidays, making it a great addition to any hamper! In terms of flavour and packaging, it's also very distinct from any confectionery available in Ireland. As a result, it's a go-to choice when you're looking for something unique. And, of course, American ex-pats in Ireland may have all of their favourite foods shipped to them to remind them of home. If you're missing anything specific, give us a call, and we'll do whatever we can to assist you.

Sweet and Tasty

We like to think it's because of the attention to detail we put into everyone's presentation and material. We understand that most gifts are purchased as hampers at Happy Sweets. As a result, they must look and taste fantastic. We have earned the confidence of our customers as our business has expanded. They apprehend they can count on us to deliver just the finest in candy, chocolate, and presentation. All of our hampers are made of high-quality wicker and have leather straps. There are no fake hampers in this house! With bespoke pieces and sweet hampers, we're always happy to assist. We can put together the ideal hamper for you or advise you if you're unsure. Provide us with an idea and a budget, and we'll take care of the rest. We use sturdy shipping boxes to ensure that your order arrives looking just as good as it did when it left our Irish candy store!


So no more settling for "that will do" gifts; now you can tell your special someone just how much they mean to you in your own words. We will begin packing your sweet range and planning your personalized message as soon as we receive your order. Your precious American Sweet Hamper will be winging its way to you or straight to them before you know it. It's all up to you!

We eagerly await your answer – and hope you enjoy it! Happy Sweets is your one-stop shop for custom American Sweet Hampers.