Sweet American Candy Treats

American Candy

Here in Ireland, we are proud to be one of the largest distributors of American candy, groceries, food, sweets, sodas, and energy drinks! We are the best in Ireland because of our extensive product selection and unbeatable prices! From Hershey's to Mars, Mike & Ike to Twizzlers, Gatorade to Monster, M&M's to Ruffles, we market a wide range of American brands. The selection is limitless, and it continues to expand! We want to offer the most authentic taste of America to you in Ireland, so if you're new to American foods or an ex-pat looking for a taste of home, you can get a taste of America. It's like getting your own American candy shop online in Ireland!

Happy Sweets' American Candy Hamper

We also make our own American candy hampers, which are jam-packed with the best American candy available. They're perfect for every occasion and make great gifts for family, friends, and coworkers!

Our American Candy Box was designed to bring a one-of-a-kind candy experience right to your door. Choose from a variety of pre-made candy boxes or create your own by filling your container with all of your favorite treats. We aspire to be the best of the best in everything we do. This means we have a massive selection of items to choose from, like everyone's beloved Cadbury's bars and Irish products like Manhattan Crisps, as well as harder-to-find American candy like Jolly Ranchers and Twinkies. Some of our sweets and treats are so unusual that you're unlikely to find them in your local store.

Offer Your Loved Ones a Gift

The American Candy Box is a beautiful present for yourself or a friend. Birthdays, anniversaries, communions, christenings, promotions, and pretty much every other date, celebration, or event are perfect for our sweet boxes. Get their candy box delivered right to their door as a surprise for friends and family. Every order comes with the option of adding a personal message, so whether it's for a birthday present, a thank you gift, or just to let them know you imagine of them, state it with The Candy Box. You can also purchase a package for yourself. With The Happy Sweet's massive selection of pre-made and custom boxes, you can upgrade your home movie nights, stock up on your favorite treats, or treat yourself and others.

Happy Sweets Will Make You Happy

We at Happy Sweets are committed to providing you with the best candy experience possible. Each candy box is layered and wrapped in straw for a surprise reveal. With such a vast selection of American candy and treats to choose from, Happy Sweets has something for all, no matter what kind of sweet tooth you have. Order one of our candy boxes today for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable candy experience. You will not be dissatisfied!

We have a variety of customizable boxes of American Candy in various sizes and items that can be added. On our pre-made packages, we also have some customization options.